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Why Colorado Micro-Weddings are The Way to Go!

Micro-Weddings really saw their peak in 2020, mostly as a safety precaution to keep the guest counts low. A wedding with 40 or fewer guests classifies itself as a micro wedding, and their appeal far exceeds the safety of inviting fewer guests nowadays. In fact, hosting a micro weddings offers several pros that might just win you over! Here are a few reason why micro weddings are THE way to go, especially in the Colorado mountains.

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Micro-Weddings Fit Multiple Budgets

Maybe you have a decent budget that you want to spend on a destination wedding or maybe you have a more tasteful budget and would like to keep the festivities more casual and low-key. Whatever the case may be, a micro-wedding allows you to optimize your costs in whatever way you see fit. Splurge in areas where you want to splurge or save in areas where you want to save. Your budget is much more flexible with a lower guest count.

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Experience Your Wedding Day More Fully

Your wedding day flies by! No doubt, you’ve heard this before. Having a larger guest count requires 100% more of your time and attention. Not to say that a large celebration isn’t fun, but if you’re looking for a chance to be more fully in the moment, more attentive to conversations and more involved in the experience of your day – than here is your answer. Strict wedding agendas, and hundreds of guests asking for your attention creates a bit of stress. Not to mention the small bit of time you actually get to spend with the one you just married.. Be intentional with your time on your wedding day.

Optimize Your Celebration

The flow of a wedding day is pretty copy/paste with venue time constraints, and larger guest counts. With a smaller guest count, comes more opportunity – timing, venues, layouts and sometimes activities! Instead of a 6 hour event, you could potentially create a full-day experience. Host your ceremony in the mountains, enjoy an afternoon picnic, take everyone to your favorite restaurant, hire a local musician. You can feature time-honored wedding traditions on a much smaller scale. Create an experience for your special day and surround yourself with those you want to share it with!

Micro weddings are increasing in popularity for many reasons. Consider the pros and cons when planning your special day. Think through the aspects that are most important to you, and let that be your guide.

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Mountainesque Weddings offer an exclusive list of unique micro-wedding spaces in Southwest Colorado. Stunning mountains, quaint little towns, and weekend experiences make up our neck of the woods. The San Juan Mountains create a destination experience rather than simply a destination wedding! Check out our list of locations and find out why this type of celebration is all the rave.

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